Saffron Wholesale


We are wholesale and supplier of Iranian bulk saffron in around the world. More than 90% of world saffron is produced in Iran (by FAO & World Bank). Buy Bulk Saffron Now, best bulk saffron price of Negin Saffron, Sargol Saffron & Pushal Saffron with the highest quality in Iran. Our dried saffron stigmas come directly from farmers with the Highest Pure, Best Quality and High Percent in Crocine, Safranal and Picrocrocine. Pls try our Iranian Saffron Once!

Bulk Persian Saffron Specification

Persian Saffron Name:

  • Persian Saffron in Cut Filament: Negin Saffron – Sargol Saffron
  • Persian Saffron in Filament: Pushal Saffron

Availability: The whole year

Net weight: 500 g & 1 kg

Bulk Pack: Khatam or Traditional Metal Box & Carton

Shelf life: 2 Years

Delivery Time to Air Line: Lower than 2 Weeks

Price: You must specify the following

  • Type of Iranian Saffron in request
  • The total quantity Iranian saffron in request
  • Type and weight of packaging in request
  • Destination (City - Country)

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