Saffron Storage

Iranian Saffron is a worth and useful spice for us so we may be interested in storing some of them for use later on. Ario’s saffron storing is very good with best quality, taste, aroma and color.

Now, we want select some fresh or dried Saffron for ourselves and we want storage it:

Temperature of refrigerator is the fit temperature for keeping stigmas at the time of separation up to drying operation. Fresh saffron should be dried for keeping it in a long period and Ario’s dried saffron also shouldn’t have heat and high temperature environment because these factors can cause problems with the saffron. So best keeping place of saffron is in a cool place and keep away from light.

Ario’s Saffron Keeping Temperature

Before of packing, dried saffron should keep in a cool place like reefer containers (25-30) and after of packing, dried saffron should keep in a common place without high temperature and straight light.