Growing saffron

Iranian saffron is most expensive spice in across the world. In fact it’s worth literally with its weight in gold. Now, we need to learn how to plant Iranian saffron is one of the best productions in the international markets and has good status in between foreign (international) buyers. Iran saffron is and grows saffron with high quality. This matter is major for all of the people therefore we'll mention some growing requirements for saffron plants.

Growing Requirements for saffron Plants

Saffron especially Iranian saffron is just as easy to grow if you follow a few simple rules:

  • Weather: Saffron is subtropical vegetation so it grows well in areas with moderate winters and warm, dry summer. Also saffron resistance is high against cold but it needs good and moderate weather because it grows in the period of autumn and winter and early spring in our nature.
  • Land: Saffron agriculture land must be in a sunny place (notably in autumn during the flowering stage), without trees as well as shouldn't be against cold winds.
  • Temperature: saffron maximum temperature should be between 35 and 40 ° C and its plant height should be between 1,300 to 2,300 meters above sea level.
  • Soil: saffron soil should be style or mixture of sand and clay soil. Because saffron onion remains in the ground for a long (7-5 years) so should be its soil suitable to provide food during this period and the resistance against the specific circumstances of the region. Also we can add some compost or manure. It is better to spread on the surface after planting.
  • Planting: Put 3-15 saffron onions into the ground at a 15 to 20 cm depth leaving a 10. And at the time of planting, the onions should be placed face up. Onions at a depth of 20 cm are safe against winter cold, environmental stresses and summer stroke heat.
  • Watering: We can start watering about 15 to 10 days after saffron onions planting that take planting to the end of September.
  • Flowers : saffron flowers generally appear in October (slightly later in the first year) and last for a month. If your flowers reduced after first planting, so I have noticed that this is a sign to dig up and replant.