Iranian (Persian) Saffron Kinds

Iranian (Persian) Saffron Kinds

There are different types and qualities of Iranian (Persian) saffron in the international markets that are difference in shape, coloring power, size, aroma and even price but all of them are pure and natural and there are in the gorgeous packing or bulk in the market. Their names are including: Konj or White, Poushali, Bunch, Sargol , Negin. We are going to explain briefly them for you:

Iranian Konj or White Saffron

Konj is the root or white or yellow part of saffron which remains after separating Iranian Sargol saffron of Bunch saffron. In fact, this part of saffron thread cannot de defined as pure saffron and also it can’t give food a rich golden color. There is different consumption of this part of saffron such as: cooking, medicinal usages.

Iranian Poushali Saffron

Poushali Saffron contains of threads with 2 – 3 mm style. The presence of style (white or yellow part) gives a great fragrance and its coloring power is about 220 USP.

Iranian Bunch Saffron

Bunch saffron includes all parts of saffron threads with the whole style. It contains stigma and style. The red parts of saffron stigmas are put together and turned by a string as a bunch of saffron.

Iranian Sargol Saffron

Little break Sargol saffron is very pure type of saffron which is composed of threads without style. Its coloring is rich and power and a little break are seen in the threads.
In the recent years Sargol saffron is the more amounts of Iranian exports. In different reasons such as: Rich color, reasonable price, presence in the all year and etc.

Iranian Negin Saffron

Negin saffron is similar to common saffron. But it’s thicker (thread) and having minimum amount of fracture. Negin saffron is pure, without the style, rich in color (above of 250 USP) and fragrance. It’s fantastic in terms of size and beauty. Iranian Negin Saffron is the most expensive Saffron in the world.

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