Saffron Benefits

Iranian saffron is one of the most famous world spices among international buyers. Iranian saffron is one of world’s most expensive spices. This spice has special taste, smell and color. Iranian saffron is rich of high nutrients, minerals, vitamins, fatty acids, proteins. Therefore Iranian saffron treats or helps some of pains and diseases such as reduce fevers, cramps and enlarged livers, and to calm nerves, oxidant-induced stress, cancers, and infections. Maybe for this reason Iranian people like making various foods and drinks from it.

Now, we’ll mention some of Iranian saffron benefits for you:

  • Searchers believe that saffron can treat cancer, as it contains anti-cancer properties. However, the effectiveness of saffron in treating cancer is still under research.
  • Saffron contains several antioxidants such as lycopene that help in protecting the body from oxidant induced stress, infections and acts of immune modulators.
  • This particular spice is also a good source of minerals like copper, potassium, calcium, manganese, iron, selenium and zinc. Therefore we think that it has important role in:

Balancing out levels of blood pressure and regulating them to more standard level, help to be nerves function normally, healthy bone formation, keep the body immune, production of red blood cells, lowers blood pressure and etc.

  • Iranian saffron is rich of high vitamins including vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin B9 and etc. Therefore it has important role in:
  • Protection of body cells as the free radicals, prevention of different conditions such as colon cancer, atherosclerosis, diabetic, heart disease, A deficiency, creation of DNA and maintaining normal brain function and etc.
  • The Iranian spice is suitable source of fatty acids so it has effective role in:

Have normal functioning in the body tissues and metabolism.

  • Iranian saffron is one of suitable sources of protein. Protein helps and build block for healthy skin, hair, bones, and heart in our body. This spice protein also repairs muscle tissue.
  • Iranian saffron also is good source of dietary fiber. Fibers help to regulate the body’s use of sugars,   Reduce the risk of heart disease and heart attack and etc.