SAFFRON SYRUPWelcome to Persian Saffron Syrup

Healthy and refreshing drink with saffron Persian


  • Sugar: 3 kg
  • Water: 2-3 glasses
  • Lemon juice: 1 glass
  • Saffron: desired size
  • Egg white: 1

The first: add water and sugar into a bowl and put them on the heat until boil and sugar is completely dissolved. Then add the egg whites and mix them and wait a bit for mixing more and then turn off the flame.
The second: When slightly syrup cools, you should smooth them by the filter cloth and again put them on the heat to boil then turn off.
The third: add lemon juice and saffron syrup
Now, your syrup is ready, you could use icy templates with various tasty like Sisymbrium irio, Mentha, Chicory and etc.