I am interested in studying and searching about everything that is useful. In these years, I search much about fruits, vegetables and spices and try to share my information on the internet network. So my experience is so good of course it isn’t enough for me because learning and studying is same an Ocean. The science is same Ocean. You can’t tell who I am a graduate of learning and etc. Then I recommend you to search and learn more and never stop with my texts or other.

Today, I am going to talk to you about a funny matter, Saffron and Benefits. First of all, we surveyed completely about saffron and nutrients in here even we tried and got ready a nutrients chart. So this article is according to the posts ago then our support is power and hard.

We should try to raise our information with saffron. Saffron consumers have different questions about this spice such as what saffron is, saffron threads or powder, Saffron Price, Saffron nutrients, Saffron Uses, Saffron recipes, Saffron for children, Saffron for pregnant women, saffron for diseases, Saffron drinks recipes, Saffron desserts recipes, Saffron foods recipes, Saffron industrial or not, Saffron for Skin, Saffron color, Saffron Purity, How we can select pure and natural saffron and other things. There are a lot of questions about this valid spice that we can only answer some of them of course we will try to reply all of them in the near feature.

Now, Saffron Benefits

We (the most people especially Persian People) usually use saffron as a flavoring, coloring in the more foods, drinks and desserts that we posted varieties recipes in this website. Most of the saffron customers are interested in its benefits especially the medicinal benefits.

Saffron is benefits for us because of high nutrients. This valid saffron is useful if it be pure and natural. Never mind which brand you buy or which countries export it or what kind of saffron you get (All of red threads and other thing) but it is important that you receive it pure and natural. We posed some of items to select pure and natural saffron threads. Pure and natural saffron threads( Saffron powder has impure more than saffron threads) is rich source of vitamins, minerals, Fatty acids, Principle nutrients such as protein, Energy and etc. But you should attend to this important matter that your consumption should be moderation, In order to Saffron or other thing is harmful if you use them much even it is rich source if high nutrients. This is an important principle for everybody.


For Pregnant Women (During Pregnancy)

The saffron consumption is safe for pregnant women if they follow these two items:

  • Their saffron consumption should be according to their obstetrician opinion.
  • Their saffron consumption should be after the second trimester onwards.

Saffron medicinal benefits for pregnant women are including:

  • Reducing Blood Pressure.
  • Digestion
  • Anti – nausea and dizziness
  • Stomachache
  • Eye problem

You can get more details about Saffron medicinal benefits for pregnant women in here.

For Baby

Saffron is useful for your baby. The baby mothers can use it in your baby’s foods of course your doctor opinion is very important. We survey this matter briefly for you but we will post completely in the new features.

  • Gastric problems: Gastric problems in babies are a normal feature. Saffron works as a gastric tonic and helps in better digestion owing to its astringent properties. It clears toxins from the stomach.
  • Calm and Happiness: saffron can help restless babies by making their spirits high and inducing a feeling of calm and happiness. You can add and mix saffron with milk then fed your body. You will find out the result soon.
  • Protection of the Eyes: Saffron can improve your baby’s eyesight. If you use it regularly you will protect your body’s eyes from retinal damage, macular degeneration and other things.
  • Strengthening bones: You can raise your baby’s bones strength through saffron milk.
  • Respiratory Functions: Cough, whooping cough and respiratory issues are common in babies. Saffron is highly useful in getting rid of respiratory problems and improving respiratory function.
  • Healthy Functioning of the Heart: Saffron acts as a heart tonic for your child. It is normally used to support cardiovascular functions in babies and help in keeping at bay all kinds of heart related issues even after they grow up to be adults. Saffron contains bioactive components like crocetin and crocin which have anti-atherosclerotic effects on human beings. It controls foam cell formation, thickening of aortic intima and boosts excretion of fecal fat. As a result, it helps in healthy functioning of the heart.

For Adult

  • Recovery and Support of Sexual: Saffron is able to recovery and support of your sexual. How? Saffron is good source of high nutrients such as energy so it can aid as a sexual stimulant in low libido. You can add a bit saffron extract into milk or water and drink it before of every action. You will receive its result urgent. Then a glass of saffron syrup or saffron milk is worth to try it.
  • Anti-Depressant: Saffron is able to reduce and even treatment of mild to moderate depression. The new researches have shown that saffron effects is same fluoxetine effects (The drug of anti – depression) while its side effects is lower than fluoxetine. So this is a good point for depressant treatment without side effects. Of course this is first scientific finding about saffron magic effects for depressant treatment. Maybe we will see natural saffron pill instead of fluoxetine in the drugstore. This event isn’t away of the truth. So The Good News is on the way.
  • Cancer: Saffron is able to prevent and protect our body immune system against of cancer kinds. This advantage in saffron is potential. In order to the scientific researchers will need to time for de facto. In recent years, Iranian researchers can product Crocin pill. This pill products of saffron and has lots of saffron properties such as it is a power supplement for cancers treatment with low grades and is also a power antioxidants against cancer influence.

In the Result
Pure and natural saffron has lots benefits for us. We usually use it as traditional way for our diseases treatment. If you use saffron moderation, you will guarantee our health and safe and also aid to treat your diseases such as : Asthma & Cough, colds, alcoholism, acne and skin diseases, inflammation, infection of Urinary Bladder and Kidneys, strengthening of heart and the brain, the gum pain, relax and etc. You can step on the saffron road slowly. That is a safe road for having best saffron with the most logical(reasonable) price.