Iran is known to Saffron city in the world because researchers have shown through historic documents that saffron has its origin in the Zargos mountain range in Iran (over 4000 years), and then progress to hearts worldwide. For a period of long time Iranian saffron has been good and excellent standing among world people. Iran is origin and source of saffron and maybe be funny for you which more than %90 of world saffron production of this Treasure of Spice, comes from Iran every year. Iran is rich source of Saffron Cities that grow and harvest saffron with best quality.

We (Persian People) love serving saffron (Red Flowers) as natural flavoring & coloring & aromatic in varieties of our foods, drinks, desserts, pastries, beverages, pharmaceutical especially in family celebrations.

Medical searches proved that saffron is rich source of high nutrition so helps and raises the immune system against diseases. We recommend you consuming of 3 grams saffron every month if you would like refreshing mentally and physically.