Saffron Color, Natural or Industrial

Iranian saffron is one of the high-value and expensive crops in Iran and around the world. Today the most people and even food production centers need and interest to this product because of its many properties, its unique aroma and flavor. But there is a main problem or important problem for all the consumptions and it is its expensive so the most of them given the desire of producers to industrial powder and color.
In recent years, saffron color and powder in different packages and brands produced by different countries like Saudi Arabia. The cheap price causes which all the major producers and even family members in the world interest and attend to these products while all of the health facilities around the world, including Iran believe which the most of them are illegal and would highly dangerous for the health of the body.
Medical experts say most of industrial powder and color made of chemical origin and cause ADHD in children, digestive problems and asthma, thyroid cancer, raise migraines, blurred vision, sensitivity and skin problems such as Purpura will bring. We must use and make organic and natural foods that the least chemicals used in them.
We can’t tell who never use these products because all of the people or consumptions need to saffron while saffron is expensive in the market. Well what shall we do? Maybe if we can get more color of minimum pure saffron, we will solve this problem. But how?
In this article, we are going to reply this question through a new way.
Using of ice instead boiling water. Ice!!!!!
>Enough saffron powder or saffron threads (we offer  you to select this item If you would like to have more aroma or flavor)  is poured into a glass and put some ice on it and leave at room temperature, with slow melting of the ice, the color of the saffron comes out of freezing water and is soluble in water. You can get the more amount of saffron color through this way while the fragrant and colorful is more than the traditional method of boiling water and brew.
You can also use this method in a closed bottle in the health place of freezer then get sure color of Iranian saffron that is ready for using.

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