Today, I am going to talk about Saffron and During Pregnancy. This matter is very important for all the people especially pregnant women. There are different questions and opinions about this matter. Some opinions believe that saffron is absolutely harmful or safe or the most pregnant women ask about drink milk with saffron (add some saffron into milk) that it is safe or not or ask about amount of saffron consumption each day and other thing. We are going to discuss about this matters. Of course before anything we offer or suggest you to get more information on the network internet and don’t stop with this article.

Is the saffron consumption safe during pregnancy with milk and other things?

First of all we should survey and discuss about an opinion, Most pregnant women believe saffron consumption influence their baby’s complexion so ask much about this matter. We say that saffron has inflection on the baby’s complexion but it isn’t absolutely in order to there are other items that their inflection is very higher than this item such as husband’s genes and mother genes but consumption of fruits, vegetables and every other thing has low inflection and even a bit.

The saffron consumption is safe if you use it moderation. This matter is very important that how much is your consumption amount. We will discuss about this matter later but you should attend to one principle that the high consumption of everything has harmful for you even if it is full of nutritive or benefits.

When can the pregnant women use saffron?

We recommend you the saffron consumption be after the second trimester onwards, preferably from the 4th or 5th month only for this reasons that risk of miscarriage in the first trimester of pregnancy is very high of course if you use the saffron much or without your doctor opinion. The unprincipled consumption of saffron increases the prostaglandins in the uterus then causing increase rich of miscarriage.

How much saffron a pregnant lady can eat?

Before of each suggestion, we recommend the pregnant ladies to use according to her doctor opinion (obstetrician) because of high sensitivity during pregnancy. Unprincipled consumption of saffron has serious and dangerous effects for the pregnant ladies.

You can add 1 – 2 saffron threads (strands) in your cocking or add your daily consumption of milk.

Of course you can use other production of saffron such as saffron powder, saffron pill and everything but we recommend you consumption of saffron thread because of more purity.

Advantages of Saffron During Pregnancy

We know that we should use the saffron moderation and our obstetrician should recommend us about amount even if you want to use it a bit. Now we are going to know more about other advantage of saffron during pregnancy!!! So follow us:

  • Reducing Blood Pressure: Just a bit of saffron thread in milk would help to reduce the blood pressure in pregnant women. Saffron relaxes the muscles and acts as a uterine stimulant.
  • Digestion: Constipation, gas and bloating are very common complaints during the gestation period. Saffron promotes blood flow to the digestive system and increases metabolism. Milk is recommended for high protein and calcium, but may not be easily digested by everyone. Saffron helps in digesting milk too. Also saffron improves digestion and appetite by supplying the blood to all parts of the body uniformly. It even aids is soothing the gastrointestinal acidity by forming a membrane or a coat.
  • Anti – nausea and dizziness
  • Stomachache: Stomachache helps in increasing the milk production and gets rid of stomach ache problems. The anti-spasmodic effect that is present in it plays a key role in preventing the stomach ache pain.
  • Eye problem: Saffron is good for the vision health. Researchers have found that saffron during pregnancy helps vision in case of cataract and is some improvements.

In the result

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