Pricing is the most important process (item) for buying the good and all of us pay attention to this item especially the popular goods such as Saffron. We all use mainly saffron (threads or Powder)as a flavoring & coloring & aromatic in varieties of our foods, drinks, desserts, pastries, and beverages, pharmaceutical especially in family and national celebrations so we should follow the saffron with these items:

High Flavoring & Strength Coloring& High Aromatic

We never reach to these items unless we select pure and natural saffron. Even if you follow the health and safe of your foods, drinks and everything you must use the pure and natural saffron.

But one question!! Why shall we use or buy pure and natural saffron?

Because we searched and found that Industrial saffron powder or Industrial saffron color are harmful and even you can get more extract with high coloring strength of pure and natural saffron if you do this way.

Also we recommend you to select saffron dried threads against saffron powder. Why.

Now we are going to serve this matter why pure and natural saffron is expensive?

We paid to this matter in the post ago but there are the other factors (items) that we should pay more attention to them. (This is an important matter that we can’t finish it with several articles)

  • The Quality: The pure and natural saffron threads or powder with sealed packing of origin and Organic, ISO or international certification has high price. You should pay high attention to these items. The saffron dried threads or saffron powder should control according on international quality control organizations from harvest raw materials to clean, sort, pack, detect metal, fumigate vacuum, inspect and load in containers if you would like to supply pure and natural saffron.
  • The Packing: We all know that saffron is very sensitive and must protect it from air and light so all of the suppliers and sellers pay much attention to this item and packaged in beautiful and gorgeous designs.
  • Brokers or Packers: most of us buy Spain saffron or United States Saffron or India saffron and Afghanistan saffron while these countries are growing and harvesting saffron lower than 10 % annually with lower quality and import more in bulk from Iran. In fact more than %90 of world production of saffron with high quality comes from Iran every year. Then the imported Saffron is mixed and reprocessed with lower grade Spanish (La Mancha) and Portuguese saffron (assafroa) before being packaged in beautiful designs. After that they will sell higher price. Even Indian saffron isn’t from India. In fact Indian Saffron mixed with cheaper Iranian saffron then marketed it as “High-grade Kashmir saffron”.

The brokers or packers buy Iranian saffron with the highest quality and the international standards in bulk then they mixed and reprocessed them with lower grade and packed in beautiful and gorgeous designs. This is secret of high price of saffron. You could reach or find this fact just a bit of searching on the Social networking. Also you should know that Iranian suppliers and exporters are proved to have the high quality, the international standards with the gorgeous and beautiful packing. The purpose and vision of us is to be the “acknowledged world leader in saffron straightly.
Other Items: Shipping Costs, Premium Costs.

Glad to inform you that Ario co a small family but it is proud to have over three generations of experiences working side by side as a manufacturer and worldwide exporter of Iranian food products in all varieties, sizes of PREMIER quality and in all kinds of packaging. (Bulk packs or retail packs, your own brand). We will guarantee our saffron quality because our main purpose is supplying and exporting products with high quality and purity to be provided customers satisfaction.

You will be supplied with Iranian Saffron in direct route from growers to your warehouse under the control of international quality control organizations with the most competitive prices.