What is the Saffron Threads?

Saffron Threads are dried stigmas of saffron. Each flower of saffron has three red color stigmas that after harvesting are collected and dried to be used mainly as a natural flavoring & coloring & aromatic in varieties of our foods, drinks, desserts, pastries, and beverages, pharmaceutical especially in family celebrations.

What is your best select? Saffron Dried Threads or Saffron Powder!!

We usually use saffron for a variety of foods, drinks, desserts and etc. Most of us use saffron powder more than saffron threads because we think who we can get more color and aroma of this way and also this way is simple while this opinion is very wrong. Wrong!!!

We search and believe that we can get more aroma, flavor and color through saffron thread if we have a good way in this. Of course we posted this way that is simple and even you can use less saffron thread. But you should know that you never get enough aroma or flavor through saffron powder because powdered saffron loses the flavor or aroma quickly and this item is very important for all of chefs and consuming of saffron while the saffron threads will retain their aroma and flavor longer.

Finally, we will select saffron dried thread.

How to select Dried threads (whole stigmas)?

  • First of all you should purchase your saffron from a famous and popular spice company because the quality and pure is important items.
  • Price: Saffron price mainly isn’t cheap with other spices but we can suggest you Iranian saffron that its price is competitive as Spain saffron, India saffron, Australia saffron and everywhere because more than %90 of world production of saffron, comes from Iran every year. You can search this matter on the Social networking that Spain or United states or Australia or India grow and harvest saffron quantity lower than 20 % in the world and all of them purchase of Iran of course with the packing in your side. Also the saffron threads or powder in Iran have highest quality.
  • Outer Color: They should be a deep red color, with a slightly lighter shade at the ends of threads.
  • Coloring strength: The coloring strength of threads should be at least 220 USP.