Millions tons of Saffron are grown in worldwide every year. But Buyers in Spain, Dubai, Italy, France, China, Korea and other countries also work with Iran. For us it’s absolutely vital that Persian saffron meets the most stringent quality and environmental standards.
For this reason Iranian saffron suppliers and exporters are trust with their crops and try to be trust in this way.

Ario co is proud to have a comprehensive quality system for every stage in the production process: cultivation, management, storage, packing, transport, etc. In this way we guarantee crocin (color),picrocrocin (flavor) and safranal (aroma)and high-quality of our saffron that meets the highest standards (HACCP,ISO 9001: 2008، ISO 22000: 2005)– from the orchard to the store. All the saffron produced and packaged by us meets all the standards in the field of quality and food safety.

We explain the main principles of our quality system in the below list.


Careful Land Selection

Persian Saffron grows in a sunny climate, with enough water and not too much wind. Above all, there must be no risk of frost whilst they are growing. And the soil should be fertile, and moist. In short, Ario selects the location of its orchards carefully.

Exact Land Management

Our company has a strong desire to improve Persian saffron agricultural land to meet the growing demand worldwide for saffron products. Through enhanced drainage systems and farming techniques, Hershey’s specialized land improvement efforts increase productivity, thereby creating a sustainable supply of renewable agricultural resources.
Our Saffron farmers give their plant the space it needs. The saffron plants are planted in rows and tied up along pergolas and they also have enough light and air.

Persian Saffron Healthy Soil

For a healthy plant you need healthy soil. All the care that Ario devotes to Land selection and management is vital for guaranteeing the quality of the soil. For example, No chemical soil enhancers enter the orchard, and soil enrichment only occurs with the use of compost. The saffron farmers also regularly monitor their soil to check whether its composition is balanced. By taking all these measures, we can cultivate more than 80% of the saffron without the use of any pesticides.

Economical use of Water

Because we select our Lands carefully, hardly any artificial irrigation is needed. If the plants do nonetheless need some extra moisture, we never water the entire field. Only the roots are watered.

Persian Saffron External Monitoring

The Ministry of Agriculture takes samples in the Ario orchards and warehouses to check that our saffron does not contain any remnants of herbicides or pesticides.

Persian Saffron Environmentally friendly packaging

Our packaging is 100% recyclable or re-usable. We use water-based printing ink, which is non-toxic. For that matter, Ario also makes great efforts to make the packaging even more sustainable.

Persian Saffron Transport

Saffron is very valuable so we try to optimize our transport to be sure that the excellent quality of our product is kept intact and healthy. Saffron is very sensitive to moisture and also is very hygroscopic so we do different actions including:

  • Exact particular temperature, humidity/moisture and possibly ventilation conditions
  • Be away from goods which are sensitive to moisture/humidity or release moisture
  • Packaging for shipping in airtight cans.
  • Transport in areas which exhibit the lowest temperatures during the voyage and are dry.

Finally, we know that we are judged by performance so in these years we tried to be trusted in this way. From the very start of our business, our main passion and interest was to get our Customers satisfaction who mostly are multinational companies in the food industry so deliver the highest quality saffron to our customers and we made this passion our tagline “Our Reputation is Quality”. And this simple tagline symbolizes our philosophy to this day – satisfied customers through the highest quality products and an honest, straightforward business/customer relationship.